Sunday, March 27, 2011

Witnessing The Beauty Of Croatia This Summer

Croatia, a European country, is situated along the Adriatic Sea and its surroundings. The Republic of Croatia extends from the foothills of the Alps and deep into the Pannonian Valley on the banks of the Danube and Drava.

Convergence of the Mediterranean mountains and the Pannonian plains of the unique harmony of the natural beauties of Croatia, a popular tourist destination. You can come across different landscapes exciting just a little 'more than a hundred miles to the meeting.

pleasures of Croatia are more timeless than trendy. Move along its 1,778 km of coastline, experience a shimmering ocean winds around rocky coves, lapping at the pine-fringed beaches. Istrian harbors bustle with fishermen while tourists like to dive into the sparkling water. Dalmatia. Middle ancient Roman ruins cities hit with a nightlife

Croatia is rich in beauty. It is a land of forests, rivers rich in fish, swift streams of mountains and deep gorges of Gorski Kotar and Lika beautiful Piltvice Lakes. Croatia, with its spectacular golden wheat fields, oak woods and wide rivers of Slavonia and Baranja, a land of rustic villages, romantic castles and manor houses and picturesque hills and vineyards of the Croatian Zagorje. You can find a strong European flavor Central Baroque architecture in Zagreb, and devotion to the Italian good life seeps to the coast, penetrating Croatian food and style. During holidays and festivals Slavic soul of the country appears costumed dancers whirl around colorful folk melodies. Car hire in Croatia is likely to visit this country and get involved in local life for a great experience.

The interior landscape of Croatia is also attractive, although less monitoring. Enjoy visiting a resort in Istria Istarske Toplice. It crawls through the virgin forests watered by mountain streams in the west, you will discover the excitement of adventure.

If you are a connoisseur of good food and a gourmet, or just as tasty and healthy food, no doubt Croatia will enjoy their unique cuisine. Another attraction is certainly worth exploring the wineries of Croatia. You can taste the best red wines along the coast - Teran, Cabernet and Merlot in Istria and Opolo, Plavac, Postup Dingac and Dalmatia. Some good quality white wine like Pinot malvazija, Kujundzusa and White Muskat, also occur in coastal areas. Although continental Croatia produces Traminac, Burgundac, Graça Evina and Kraljevina.

To discover and appreciate the depth of living nature beautiful plan a trip to Croatia this holiday. Visit the old country with a mild climate, crystal clean, warm sea water, beautiful beaches, unspoilt nature, combined with a rich history and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and fine wines. Rent a cheap car to get involved and experience the beauty of Croatia.

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