Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Tales, That Makes You Happy, You've Got Travel Insurance

The temptation to skip your travel insurance this year? Think again! Line rental cheap insurance widely available and generally adding only a few pounds on the cost of your trip, there's really no excuse for not buying it. If still unsure, here are six stories that could help change his mind - sometimes fate conspires against him in a particularly nasty ...

Look out below!

Here's a story to make your flesh creep! A traveler in southern Mexico had the misfortune of being the victim of a fly that lays its eggs in the flesh. The eggs hatch in four lines under the skin - three of them were easily removed by a doctor, but this is more problematic. The doctor of the invention suggested leaving a piece of meat in the leg with the injury - sure enough, six hours later, the worm was trying to halfway and could be eliminated completely. Medical expenses are saying about travel insurance in general are not as horrible as that!

Stowaway scorpion

Despite the stringent security at airports these days, every time something goes wrong. A knife left on the bottom of the bag, a tube of toothpaste found in the settlement limits of liquid ... or even a scorpion hidden in a backpack! On a flight from Miami to Toronto left little stowaway backpack bitten someone and another passenger. One can only hope that the unlucky traveler had holiday insurance to cover medical expenses and the possible delay of your flight!

No legs in airport

British Airways staff were left red-faced after losing his artificial leg of a woman in New Zealand ... especially since it was a competition in the world championships for the disabled. That's the kind of personal items that you really want your cheap travel insurance covers!

Police tamed

Sometimes the threats to health tourists, wallet and sanity can become one of the most unexpected sources - two police dogs at the airport in Thailand, suspended from service for making "sexual advances" of passengers and their luggage in the urine. It may seem like just a fun thing, but not low-cost travelers pay insurance for holidays in the replacement of clothing and baggage of themselves - or to put up with some 'very smelly underwear all the way ...

A victim of pickpockets or Intrepid only the laws of physics?

A nervous flyer Barcelona warned that attackers and pickpockets are out of control along Las Ramblas, so before venturing filled her underwear to $ 1,500 in traveler's checks. Of course, the day before had left everything he had gone, if it was in the hands of pickpockets particularly adventurous or just along the legs of pants will never be known.

$ 150,000 tick bites

You should never underestimate the cost of the accident, even the most minor of holidays which is an unfortunate gap year trip to the United States discovered that its danger. Bitten by a moose crossing, he then developed Lyme disease, a very dangerous disease that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Several weeks in hospital meant he missed his flight home, but, fortunately, his travel insurance covered the cost of medical expenses and a replacement ticket - estimated to total more than $ 150,000.

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