Friday, March 25, 2011

Walk Down Bar In Madrid

Bars Madrid ... Madrid is a city full of bars. They come in all shapes and sizes, and is an essential element in local life. Many of us can say we grew up in bars that sit at the counter, with their noise. However, coming up with a list of favorites is no easy task for me and I can assure you that I have all the necessary powers, having been a regular customer for many of them. Although things seem to change, and according to legend, there are new and good first steps, the fact is that most new bars disinterest.

Some years ago, around the mid-eighties, a group of friends and I went on a mission to identify Madrid bar that retains a special soul and authenticity. It was almost an archaeological effort, because the growth of the city and the explosion of modernism in the sixties and seventies resulted in many traditional bars and taverns of Madrid, to be abandoned and turned into hipper institutions or, worse still, everything is close.

Several bars in Madrid, we included in our list, we are currently still in operation today, although some of them have undergone significant changes. One of my favorites is La Taberna de Angel Sierra is located in Plaza de Chueca, Calle Gravina, 11 This plant has survived the time for that extra zinc in a bar, and wooden panels. It 's a shame that the taps were no longer pour a typical beer Mahou Madrid, but the beer Cruzcampo Sevilla, Cana also does not offer traditional glass (a shot glass, about 10 ounces) of Madrid. However, still one of my favorites. When you visit always go for a beer and a skewer of tuna with anchovies.

Like most people of my generation, I like beer more than wine, so my second recommendation is also an excellent bar Madrid / pub Plaza de Jesus 4, at the corner of Lope de Vega Street, near the Prado Museum and the Botanical Gardens. I speak of the Dolores, a gay antiques, the brewery that still serves authentic Madrileño Mahou beer very well prepared. Rounds of beer should be accompanied by a good Vinagre Boqueron (anchovies marinated white) and fries. After a few laps to Dolores La Calle Huertas and head to the Casa Alberto Calle Huertas 18th One of the oldest pubs in Madrid, founded in 1827, this bar retains its charm even after undergoing some renovations, its wooden counterpart and zinc, is a jewel, and the bar serves the best callos (tripe) in Madrid.

Continue the journey through the bars of Madrid Calle de Echegaray 7, where you will find La Venencia, bar cherry with a distinct personality. The bartenders are proud to be the most hostile of all bartenders in Madrid and I can attest. I must warn you that a bartender is in the bars of Madrid are generally very unpleasant and we must learn to live with it! Only when you join the ranks as a general who they greet and serve you with a certain degree of kindness. All this being said, this charming property should not be forgotten.

Speaking of bartenders rude, I must mention another classic hotel on Calle El Amaniel Cangrejero 25, located near where the original factory Mahou used to be. The beer here, this time Mahou is excellent, but for many years there would be no ordinary tapas served with a drink, and if the customer does not order expensive appetizers (shrimp or similar) the treatment was terrible. This company is worth a visit if anything to experience what I mean.

La Taberna Antonio Sanchez, a legendary tavern frequented by fans of bullfighting, is another favorite destination. He is still active in the street Meson de Paredes 13 between Tirso de Molina and Lavapies, but it has become a bar-museum without feeling and mostly frequented by tourists. There have been other instances of transformations unfortunate as one of the most famous breweries in Madrid, Riaño, the harsh truth alma art of pouring beer Mahou. After being closed for a few years has reopened its doors. Although they managed to keep some of the old charm of the place, unfortunately they no longer serve beer Mahou Cruzcampo only and the management of the bar is cruel.

It is better to direct your steps to visit and Chamberi La Nueva, located at the corner of Calle Calle Arapiles and Magallanes. Ricardo friendly bartender who told us stories about the people in his small town is gone, but the bar is still as it was, with its stylish bar and wood paneling that covers much of the walls. You can try a tasty chistorra (a form of sausage from the Basque Country of ground pork or a mixture of minced pork and beef).

Another discovery is Ardos La Calle Colon 13 near the Gran Via, for example, a bar, which was adapted with the times and offers one of the best selections of beer in Madrid, and an excellent selection of tapas, be sure to try salmorejo (a creamy soup made of tomatoes and bread).

I highly recommend a visit to Madrid bar, restaurant, Casa Paco Plaza de Puerta Cerrada 1911, be sure to order wine, a Valdepeñas glass. It 'hard to resist, especially if it's time for lunch or dinner, the dining room and enjoy a delicious Callosa (spam) or tasty steaks. This is a favorite among my American friends. I am not surprised one iota!

Near Casa Paco Toledo Street 106, near the door of the same name Puerta de Toledo and near the Vicente Calderon stadium, where the legendary Atletico Madrid allows fans to experience and rejoice that I am one of them! You should try to snails in the Bar "El De Los Caracoles. In my opinion, this old pub has undergone a renovation that has completely depersonalized atrocious, but still serves some of the best snails in Madrid. Nearby, on the street Calatrava 11, is La Taberna de Dani, a wine bar and the intimate story still retains much of its charm and still serves corned excellent (air-dried and salted meat) and outstanding ham (ham).

Speaking of sausage, I can not fail to mention Casa Emilio, a tavern with a beautiful tile wall that serves a delicious spicy chorizo ​​de León. It's in the Lopez de Hoyos Street 98 near the corner of Cartagena, near Prosperidad.

And ends here, folks, this nostalgic trip through the bars and taverns of Madrid, which I visited at the time and still today, where I grew friendship beloved sport with good glass beer. If you visit one of them drink a beer to my health ...

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