Friday, March 25, 2011

A Vacation In Dubrovnik

An ancient city in the nation of Croatia, Dubrovnik still retains its medieval charm. Strengthening of fortifications around the city, Dubrovnik offers an opportunity for tourists to experience the metaphorical "wall walk" literally experience. Tourists can enjoy the views from the walls surrounding the upper town, where you can get an excellent view over the vast expanse of tiled roofs blend with the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to its unique architecture, the other things that sets this city apart from its tourism programs are detailed, and strict emphasis on maintaining certain environmental standards within its walls.

The Stradun, which is the central street of the city, is one of the main attractions for tourists visiting the city. The cobblestone street is lined by buildings, whose walls were once immersed in the sea are a number of cafes and coffee shops on the street, where visitors can enjoy the cool climate of Croatia. Dubrovnik museums are imbued with historical and cultural references of the past of the nation.

Fortress of San Juan has a section devoted to the skills of sailing and navigation that were used during World War II, called the Maritime Museum. Dominican, which includes traditional jewelry and sculptures Croatian musical notes, manuscripts and other objects of historic origin, is a must if you visit Dubrovnik. The museum showcases the palace of the city departments some 15,500 historical and cultural treasures. The furniture in the windows of the palace of the 17th century uniforms and royal advisers and several other dukes.

Beaches in the city to add a new dimension to the city of opportunities for leisure. Banje located near the city, where tourists can sunbathe on the coast. The parachute ride over the city, rivers or jet-ski, all these activities are very important in Dubrovnik. Honeymooners enjoy a paddle boat ride romantic moments together, away from busy city life. Neptune Beach is popular with fans of rocky beaches, where you can choose from a cozy place to enjoy the sea and swimming pools.

Black Mountains in Montenegro is only a few hours' from the city. the landscape of rare beauty, majestic mountains and a peaceful and relaxing. Flora and fauna of the region attracts nature lovers, in particular, magnolias and palms.

Cavtat is famous for its fishing. In the tumult of Dubrovnik, Cavtat is a peaceful relief. A number of small beaches are found around the peninsula. By visiting this domain, you can also visit the churches of St. Nicolas. Another experience you should not miss is the taxi fare from the water. The region has a fleet of water taxis that ply the area. Not having a water taxi can be a wonderful experience for visitors.

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