Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Master Bahasa Indonesia?

Indonesia's national language is called Bahasa Indonesia. Mastering the Indonesian language is easy as one, two, three. In fact, Bahasa Indonesia is the easiest language to learn. A tourist / visitor who spent a week in Bali, Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia can speak fluent basis that someone who is learning the Chinese language in a month.

Although the Republic of Indonesia has a number of local languages ​​such as Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, it Bahasa Indonesia is used as the national language. Thus we speak Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia in another.

However, foreigners who learn Bahasa Indonesia on notice that the location, it will be a different dialect. Sometimes, this dialect is different misunderstanding. While abroad, what should you do to master the Indonesian?

1. Go to country Republic of Indonesia. Indonesia has many large islands, you can visit one of these islands. Open http://www.nusaland.com known islands in Indonesia. Bali is a favorite tourist destination of the majority. So go to Indonesia!

2. Before going to Indonesia, buy a dictionary of Indonesia for travelers and other practices Indonesian language book. Read and teacher.

3. In Indonesia, try to speak in Indonesian. Talk to taxi drivers, people on the street, and people in a hotel in Indonesia. They meet in Indonesia. Open your dictionary if you do not understand. If you still do not understand what they are talking, they translate into English, many Indonesians can speak English. The teams try to answer in Indonesia. Do not worry about making mistakes. Indonesian people almost always understand what you mean, even if you talk to the wrong pronunciation or grammatical error.

4. If you go to Indonesia, with family or friends, try talking to them in Indonesia. If they respond in their native language, keep talking in Indonesian. Ask them to respond in Indonesia as well. It is better to learn the Indonesian language and learning alone.

5. Learn from your Indonesia travel guide or local office boy in a hotel. They teach you with pleasure.

6. To master the vocabulary, reading newspapers, magazines, Internet news indonesia Indonesia. If you do not understand, open your dictionary or http://www.sederet.com open Internet.

7. Listen to people talk, watch local TV, listen to the radio master the pronunciation of Indonesia.

8. Keep trying and trying. Do not worry about mistakes.

There are eight steps to master Bahasa Indonesia. The most important effort to learn their opinion. More to learn before you understand Bahasa Indonesia.

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