Friday, March 25, 2011

Travel To Calcutta

Calcutta is a city with more visits, restaurant, accommodation and nightlife listings. For a comfortable journey in Calcutta, India, tourists can enjoy the Kolkata city guide. These tour to Kolkata make your trip more memorable experience within your budget.

Calcutta, with its unique climatic conditions provide a unique refuge for new married couples planning their honeymoon. For families seeking refuge in the mountains of West Bengal offers breathtaking destinations such as Darjeeling. Enjoy hiking in the beautiful mountain scenery Kanchanjungha.

Travel to Kolkata is incomplete without a visit to the Howrah Bridge over the river built notable Hügli. The bridge over the river running is an important milestone on the map other than India Calcutta. He is the only connector between Howrah and Kolkata, and is considered the best among the other cantilever bridges in the world. The definition of this bridge that the soul of Calcutta is true in all respects. Every day millions of travelers crossing the bridge to get to their destinations in Kolkata.

Calcutta Travel offers another point of reference calls national attention to special libraries. With public access to world class facilities, is the largest library in India. Hundreds of students and avid readers visit the library every day. He handles all requests from students and people seeking the help of this library.

Must-see places on your route:

For tourists, the most relevant parts of Calcutta in India shall travel south of Howrah Bridge in areas around Chowringhee and BBD Bagh. A Calcutta travel guide will take you on a tour of this amazing destination - Sabarna Sangrahashala Gurusaday Museum, Diamond Harbour Road, Science City, Jawahar Shishu Bhawan and Barisha.

Only in Calcutta?

Trip to Calcutta is particularly popular with a walk along Chowringhee Road allows visitors to absorb the mystical beauty of Calcutta. Across Chowringhee road is long, prosperous, open parkland (Maidan), focusing on solid and invincible British Fort William Citadel built in 1773. The fort retains its splendor guard that falls in the military. The visit of the fort is only allowed with permission.

The next St George's Gate Road, south side of the Maidan, is mesmerized by the large monument built of white marble Victoria Memorial Makran. Designed by Lord Curzon and the marriage of the Prince of Wales in 1921, is dedicated in honor of Queen Victoria's first visit to India. View of the Italian Renaissance style and to buck the monument belongs to the amazing collection of rare objects now in the colonial era. Every night, history has created a spectacle of light and sound.

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