Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magical Lake Toba

Only three hours drive from Medan, Lake Toba is the largest in Southeast Asia and covers an area of ​​1707 square kilometers to just enormous. Sitting in the middle of this extension of the water body is Pulau Samosir (Samosir Island) which is almost as big as Mexico! The lake was formed by a volcanic eruption about 70,000 years and is absolutely extraordinary in what is the largest caldera on earth. In fact, would probably have to head into space to really get a good view of the enormous fire-breathing sleep, as is its size.

Samosir Island and the Toba area gneeral are spiritual and cultural needs of Indonesian Batak houses a majority Christian population of one of the most vibrant and friendly ethnic groups in the country. Toba already very popular tourist attraction in the past, although the number of arrivals has decreased in recent years. This means, however, that the crowd at the lake, the prices are affordable, and friendly people are grateful for the trust. In the past, tourist itineraries, Toba Samosir, and now wealthy, and therefore worth a visit if you are looking for a relaxing holiday.

Nice music, loving and volcanic Batak clear warm waters and the lagoon itself, which is in the midst of a stunning mountain backdrop, it should be food for the soul. Ferries every hour on hotels and cottages that sections of the crowd at Tuk Tuk Samosir coast. The lakeside town of Parapat is the ferry terminal and the place to go to Medan.

When you come to Samosir yourself, why not hire a bicycle or motorbike and take a ride on the island? The scenery is spectacular, there's hardly any traffic, and many beautiful places, where to stay and take a quick dip in the soothing waters of the lake.

This Panururan, west of the island, you will find some of the bubbling hot springs to enjoy being Simanindo, there is a museum to put on a regular basis Batak traditional dance performances. Alternatively, why not head out the main area of ​​Tuk Tuk on the mountain behind the waterfall? It alovely a walk and a refreshing swim in there waiting for you at the end.

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