Monday, March 21, 2011

Fishing By Moon Phase - Increase Your Catch

The dream of every fisherman to have more! Is it possible to know in advance when planning a trip to enjoy fishing, catch more than usual, and go home satisfied 100%? Based on my personal research on the best fishing times, I think it is.

When I started fishing, the best fishing time for me was whatever time happened to me as well. I tried different lures, baits and techniques until I spent a small fortune in my quest to improve my fishing catch. When I finally heard about the "Solunar Theory" - or fishing moon phase - like most anglers, I was skeptical.

From what I read sounded too complicated. All kinds of factors need to be checked and determined angler needed to be near water exactly at the right time, one minute, in order to improve his average catch. I was really ready to get serious about the hobby? Let's just say that curiosity got the better of me.

To help determine if there was any truth in the lunar effect on the best fishing time, I kept a record of every trip I made over a period of 18 months. Any information regarding the moon phases, weather conditions and the catches I made were carefully recorded. What I discovered convinced me that moon phase fishing works. BUT, I also found it is not as complicated as many would have us believe.

How fishing labor Moon Phase?

Every fisherman knows that times are better than fishing when the fish they eat. This is usually in the morning and at dusk, but that often goes unnoticed is a period of two days of rest - the Moon and the Moon sets. Since the moon has an impact on the various factors surrounding the fish - including a live feed of their hunt - these periods in a phase of the moon are what trigger feeding.

With this understanding, and choosing times when sunrise / sunset and moon / Moonset coincide with phases of new or full moon, you will increase your chances of catching good fish. Assuming there are fish around, of course.

Choosing the best fishing times

There's really nothing complicated about it at all, it's just a matter of knowing in advance exactly when the sun and the moon and setting. The fish are most active during the cycle of 90 minutes around each of these four events per day, is 45 minutes before and after these four points per day.

Fishing during these four periods will help increase your fishing catch, but if you plan wisely to make sure you're on the edge of water every day for new or full moon, you can use these 'windows' roll in a circle as you've never done before. If you have to choose between sunrise / set and moonrise / set, always with the moon as the moon is the strongest influence.

Hunters have always known that fish and game are most active at dawn and dusk - sunrise and sunset - but their activities around the Moon and Moon Set minus obvious, because these events are likely to be without influence change seen the light. Rising and setting of the new moon is invisible anyway, and overcast skies often hides the moon. Without the knowledge of the setting and time to grow, two of the best fishing time is lost every day!

Other Precautions

When planning a fishing moon phase, there are some other factors that should be taken into account.

Weather - the weather changes could affect the fish. When a storm or just after it was passed, is a good time. If this happens while you're there, you and your attention! However, if a cold front is approaching, the fish can move to deeper water and become inactive.

Season - Most fish are more likely to bite as seasonal variations in periods of transition to retirement during the spring and summer, winter and autumn are the two best times to fish.

Now that you know that moon phase fishing really works, there is no reason not to use this knowledge to increase their catches of fish being cleaned by hand with your rod during the best fishing times available . It's easy and it works!

Good luck!

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