Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prambanan Temple Best Tourism of Indonesian

Prambanan Temple, as it is known today, is the name given to a complex series of shrines Siwa. In fact, it's more accurate to call it the temple of Siwa (Candi Siwa) according to the true nature of the temples. Some of the shrines in the complex have been restored, but most of them are in ruins.

There are 240 temples in the complex of Candi Siwa is large or small. But most of them have exacerbated what remains is only scattered stones. Sactuaries this complex can be divided into 3 groups. Apparenly each temple built to serve the adjacent building.

Candi Siwa: the central complex of Prambanan temple is Candi Siwa, or reputation of the temple Jonggrang Rara. Her name is Candi Siwa, because there is a statue of Siwa Temple, which is great and is of paramount importance, which means that Siwa is widely believed and praised God, and (I think Trimurti). Trimurti is the worship of the Trinity of Gods: Siwa, Brahma and Wisnu. The main statue of Siwa is situated in the largest room in the central temple. In other small rooms see a statue of Siwa as Maha Guru (the supreme teacher), a statue of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God symbolizes good luck, and the spouse of Siwa as the ruler of the universe.

BRAHMA CANDIDATES: It is smaller than Candi Siwa, as Candi Siwa is the main temple. Candi Brahma has only one entrance and a chamber containing the statue of the god Brahma. The statue of Brahma is described by four heads. She is beautiful, but unfortunately it was damaged.

Candi Wisnu: The temple of Candi Siwa other nearby temple is Wisnu. The size of Candi Brahma. The only room available in this temple houses the statue of the god Wisnu. Wisnu is described as having four hands, with a club, an oyster and a Cakra is assigned specfically Wisnu.

LEGEND Temple: Entering a room of the main temple (Candi Siwa), we find a statue of a beautiful princess, Rara Jonggrang. According to legend, was Rara Jonggrang daughter of King Boko, who was cursed into a statue. The legend also says that a young powerful man named Bandung Bondowoso Rara Jonggrang wanted to marry. When she did not love her, she tried to avoid asking marriege Bandung Bondowoso a gift. She did not marry him if he was really powerful man. To prove the power, Bandung Bondowoso asked to build a thousand temples in one night. Under the supernatural power, he had almost finished his task sussessfully but Rara Jonggrang prevent this outstanding achievement. Rara Jonggrang asked girls in the East Village temple of burning rice hay and pond to bring the situation as if time dawn for the sunrise. So when you start flying all the supernatural beings flee because they thought it was already dawn.

Being unable to control his anger, cursed Bandung Bondowoso Jonggrang Rare statue in the temple is completed.

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