Saturday, March 19, 2011

Advice For Carefree Travel With Your Pet

United States alone, more than 60 million households have one or more pets. The owners of 15 million of those households travel with their pets, and most stay in accommodation for pets. Fortunately, pets, hotels and vacation rentals exist. If you travel with your pet, here are some tips to remember for pet travel safe and hassle free.

1 - When making your reservation, that pets are allowed. An important advantage of reserving online is that you can see - in writing - or do not allow pets and any restrictions. Online, you can print your reservation receipt that includes the "pets allowed" information. Verbal reservations leave more room for misunderstanding and miscommunication. If you book by phone, ask the reservation person to send you a receipt that includes the "pets allowed" information.

2 - Is your pet an experienced traveler? If not, you should start your pet more accustomed to travel. Start by making your car a fun place for your pet. Get in the car with them, play with them, give them a treatment - have them enjoy being there with you. Then take a short drive with them. Gradually increase the length of time and distance you have with them. Before making a long trip with your pet, the idea to make them comfortable in the car for longer.

3 - Remember that securing your pet while traveling in the car is paramount to their safety and yours. Consider purchasing a dog safety harness for your pet to use when traveling in the car. If you have a wagon or SUV, you can purchase a vehicle barrier that keeps your pet confined to the rear area. They are usually sold in pet stores or online.

4 - Make sure your pet has an identification tag and the door during the trip. The label must include the name of your pet, your name and phone number. If possible, use your cell phone number, house number and the number where you will stay.

5 - Carry a photograph of your pet with you on your journey. If your pet should never be lost, you will be able to show others what your pet looks like instead of relying solely on a verbal description.

6 - Ask your vet for recommended vaccinations appropriate for your trip - exposure to ticks while hiking, exposure to other dogs while boarding or prevention of heartworm if your dog is going to be exposed to mosquitoes are examples of important prevention measures to be taken before your trip. If your pet is a dog, have a refresh tag fashion dog collar. If you decide to take your dog day during the holidays, may be required to prove the paperwork of vaccination against rabies.

7 - When it comes to pet-friendly presentation, inform the inspection personally, you have a pet. You can ask if the restricted areas where the dog should not be taken. staff accommodations that accept pets must be very accustomed to answering these questions and appreciate your understanding.

8 - in a hotel room, apartment, holiday cottage or holiday home - do not let your pet use the furniture or beds to sit, or to sleep if you have covered the furniture or the bed cover. Put your pet's food and water containers on a carpet or newspaper, a bathroom, where cleaning is easier. When you stay in pet friendly accommodations, you can enter your pet outdoors.

9 - If you leave your pet alone in the room rental or vacation, make sure the agent knows or rent receipt. Be sure to leave your pet secured in their travel container or box if the cleaning staff will come in the room at any time to clean. By the way, do not want a housekeeper to enter and be surprised, even attacked by your pet! An animal may also lack the room to clean between them are not guaranteed.

10 - Be very careful in warm or hot to leave your pet in the car. Even when the temperature is outside in the 70 or 80, inside a car can reach 100 degrees or more, especially when parked in the sun. It does not take long at these temperatures can cause serious harm or death for your pet.

Travelling with pets and staying in a pet-friendly can be fun - after all, your pet is part of the family too. Using only common sense and planning ahead will make a pleasant and without surprises

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