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Palace Tours Kadriah in Pontianak Indonesia

Kadriah Palace is a forerunner of the birth of Pontianak. Palace existence Kadriah not be separated from the figure of Sayyid Sharif Abd Alkadri (1738-1808 AD), who in his youth had visited various areas in the archipelago and make trade contacts with merchants of various countries.

When his father Habib Husein Alkadri, who had become religious judges and scholars leading the Kingdom Matan Mempawah kingdom, died in 1770 AD, Sharif Rahman and his family decided to seek new residential area. Batu Layang is one of the areas they visited. Here, the delegation met with the pirates, and succeeded in defeating them. Then, the group went on the cruise Abdurrahman Sharif seeking a better area. On October 23, 1771 F (24 Rajab 1181 AH), they arrived in the area near the confluence of three rivers, namely the Hedgehogs, Small Kapuas River, and the Kapuas River. Then, they decided to settle in the area.

Historically, Kadriah Palace was built in 1771 AD and was completed in 1778 AD Not much later, Sayyid Sharif Abd Alkadri was crowned as the first sultan of Pontianak Sultanate. In perkembanganya, this court continues to experience the process of renovation and reconstruction to be shaped like that now. Alkadri Sultan Muhammad Sharif, the 6th Sultan of Pontianak Sultanate, Sultan noted as renovating the Palace Kadriah massively.

Currently the leadership reins of the Sultanate of Pontianak held by Sultan Sayyid Abubakar Alkadri Sharif, the 9th sultan, who is called Prince Mas Prime Court.
B. Feature

Elegance of the palace area of 60 x 25 meter wooden purchasing this option is already visible from the front. Visitors will be impressed with the spacious yard and clean, and the grass is neatly trimmed and well maintained. On the right, middle, and the left front of the palace, visitors can see 13 ancient cannons made by the Portuguese and French.

From the front page, visitors can also see the bridge, which protrudes into the front room which formerly used the sultan as a place to rest or enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Kapuas River and the River Hedgehogs. There, too, there is a bell that used to serve as a marker of distress. On the right side of the bridge, there is a ladder that connects the palace with terrace pavilion.

Above the main door of the palace, there are three ornaments decorate the crown and moon and stars as a sign that the Sultanate of Pontianak is an Islamic Sultanate. Balairungnya, or often also called a meeting hall, dominated by the yellow color symbolizes the authority of the Malays in the tradition and character heights. In the space that is usually used as a place of religious ceremonies and to receive guests, visitors can view photographs of the Sultan of Pontianak, the symbol of the empire, decorative lights, fans, and the throne of the sultan and the empress.

On the right and left of the main room there are six rooms measuring 4 x 3.5 meters where one of them is the sultan's bedroom. While other rooms formerly were used as dining room and bathroom.

Behind the palace rooms have a room big enough. In this room visitors can see objects legacy of the Sultanate of Pontianak, such as weapons, clothing and queen sultan, sultan's family photographs, and statues.

Approximately 200 meters to the west of the Palace there Kadriah royal mosque called Masjid Jami 'Sultan Abdurrahman. The mosque was first built by Sultan Seyyid Abdurrahman Alkadri Sharif, the first sultan of Pontianak Sultanate.
C. Location

Kadriah palace located at Kampung shoals, in Bugis Village, Kecamatan Pontianak Timur, Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
D. Access

Kadriah palace near the central city of Pontianak. Location of the palace can be reached through the river and land routes. Visitors who choose the path of the river can access it by using a boat or speed boat from Port Senghie, while the visitors who use land lines can take the bus that passes through the Kapuas River bridge.
E. Ticket Prices

Visitors are free.
F. Accommodation and other facilities

Around the area there Kadriah Palace facilities, such as floating restaurants, food stalls, guides, telephone kiosks, credit vouchers, center souvenirs and mementoes, as well as speed boat and canoe rentals for the area surrounding the palace.

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