Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreamland beach - dreamland villa on the Bali in Indonesia

Dreamland Villa is located in a remote southern Ungasan Bali. Not only individually but also a very special house, with only 39 left. The complex is quiet the cries of privacy, and to spend the holiday fun you might want to give up this option and the remote location will not make a very emotional experience. It s a great place for wedding couples to try some "break from the hustle and bustle of shopping in the outside world.

Opened in July 2005, Dreamland Villa one of the new homes in the region, and this seems the interior and exterior remains intact. In the lobby is relatively small compared with many services, but allows sufficient to compensate for this. We welcome and refreshing tropical drinks and cold towel is exactly what you need after a long, winding and undulating landscape small buildings.

Content villas and one or two or three bedrooms equipped with all necessary services. It is a traditional style in one room, not luxury and comfort. All the comforts of modern technology such as flat screen 29 "TV with movies and cable channels, home theater system with DVD player, tea and coffee, shower massage jets, Electronic Bidet / WC and much more the future, with each villa. gazebo very interesting feature, a private pool, gardens and Balinese that comes with it. With these advantages, there is no need to leave the house a number of services during your stay.

But what is without a beach in Bali, and that is exactly what the obstacles Dreamland Villa, and not directly on the beach property. Walking on the beach or sunbathing will have to travel 50-10 minutes by bus from Bali 's famous beach of Dream Land, known to many of Surfers Paradise. Sounds simple, but the scenic route, probably keep you busy during the trip. It is something relatively pristine secluded beach dream world, and managed to keep most of its course for its natural beauty.

Sustainable development and governance in Dreamland Villa
If you are isolated in a special place and spend a peaceful solution to the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon tried, and Dreamland Villa definitely top the list. remote events can be far from the island is not a problem when you are absorbed in each of the luxury villas. The villas are relatively large and wide enough to accommodate a family of dust and has all the basic necessities, minus the wing.

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