Sunday, March 20, 2011

Travel Time To Majorca Family Holidays

There was a time when the tourist island of Mallorca has been classified as good old-fashioned treat. Today the island has moved all the time in hopes of vacationing families and retirees, young, party animals and honeymooners. Overall, however, the sun and the sea, good food and fun, family holiday in Majorca is still preferred, but also enjoy all the activities of our day, Majorca has to offer to take the family back in time to enjoy some of the older way.

Tren de Soller

A sleepy town of Soller is a good place to escape from the bustle of a family holiday in Majorca. Tucked between the mountains, a small, sleepy town is a charming place to spend an afternoon. Shopping in quaint boutiques, or enjoy tapas, before you head for the beach - the beauty of Soller is that all these places are less crowded than the main island. However, the real appeal, the city has a tram that takes to achieve it. "Tren de Soller" runs 27.3 kilometers of track between Palma and Soller, through the beautiful countryside and orchards of orange and lemon. Open and old-fashioned tram wood interior you can enjoy fresh air and enjoy the charming character of Majorca.

The Windmills of Mallorca

One thing you can not fail to notice when you arrive in Majorca is an abundance of wind turbines scattered across the country. At least one of these is worth a visit during your family vacation Mallorca, where they constitute a large part of the history of the island. Whether milling and water pumping windmills, these buildings will be back in a rustic and old life. With most of the windmills are not used to their traditional functions in the day, you can choose to take the road of education for their children by taking them to one of the restored mills, or take them to that which 'they can find a little more interesting - for example, which has been transformed into a pizza restaurant.

Cultured Kitchen

Genuine Mallorcan cuisine in a part of the culinary heritage, which is tasted to be believed. A trip to Mallorca family holidays, do not let you drag the kids to walk to the restaurant, steak and fries, but give them a taste of Majorca, attracting a bit 'more traditional delicacies. A sturdy, old-fashioned price of Mallorca consists mainly of country style kitchen using lamb, pork and fish with vegetables and legumes, all cooked in a homemade olive oil and great stocks. Nothing seems very traditional way of life in Mallorca more than good "menu del dia" in a small village restaurant.

There are many adventures last minute and modern will be held on the island, but make sure your family vacation Mallorca give you a real taste of life more rustic. Time travel and off the beaten track of tourism, with some of the more traditional activities of the island has to offer.

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