Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 10 Corporate Travel Tips Hotel Safety

There are many things you can do to ensure a business trip safe and comfortable when staying in a hotel. There are many companies involved in business travel savings when a business is constantly paying for business travel for their employees, they usually try to reduce costs of business travel using hotels discount . Here are 10 tips to stay safe in your hotel travel business.

1. Before your trip, you need to copy and back up all your credit cards, tickets, passports and important documents, and take photos of all jewelry and luggage and valuables.

2. If possible, choose a hotel that has installed modern electronic locks room. Most of these locks automatically change the lock combination for each new customer.

3. If you are staying in an old hotel that has had more room door locks with base metals, one of the first signs of how one deals in the issue of security is seen as the key to the apartment hotel controlled.

4. When registering, sign only your last name and first initial. Do not use titles. This makes it difficult to determine the sex, marital status or occupation. If you are a woman traveling alone, you might consider booking your room as Mr. and Mrs.

5. To maximize safety. Select a room located on the fourth floor and 6. Avoid rooms above the sixth floor because it has a maximum height of the fire department ladders can be achieved. Some of the firefighters abroad, and the United States does not have the equipment to reach the hotel on floors above the 6th layer.

6. Search information in the room on fire safety and read data to familiarize themselves with the nearest fire exit / stairway. Locate the nearest fire exit, turn and pull the fire box.

7. Once inside the hotel room for some time each bolt. If the room is not a dead bolt lock or a heavy security door, but there is no chain, turn up the slack before fastening it.

8. If you lose your key, the application of a new room or lock or electronic key card changed.

9. Do not show your room key to the public or even inside the hotel. Crooks have been known to walk in a relaxed, the average number of the key, if the number is stamped, and made false accusations in the hotel restaurant, bar or shop using the room number.

10. Use a minimum amount of jewelry, especially women. Women, wear only a wedding ring instead of a simple diamond ring. Remove the temptation for a thief to be his next victim.

Follow these simple tips you can do much more safe for the commuting, which makes the whole trip much more enjoyable. When you do not have to worry about the value of the goods will keep your mind focused on the purpose of your trip. Do not be vulnerable to a business trip is safe and secure when you're in a foreign country.

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