Saturday, March 19, 2011

Selecting A Family Travel Destination

Small hotels are adapting to family needs, and becoming an attractive alternative to resorts and large hotel chains.

Out of guilt or the need to maximize the time we spend with our children, we are convinced for years that family vacation requires sacrificing the interests of parents to meet children's needs. So whether you're traveling across the world or just two hours from many of us goes to the same place: a resort for children.

It should not be the rule. Many independent hotels and the leaves have noticed that environmental work adult children, and may be a child's desire to be read as a family.

Not surprisingly, small hotels, inns and leave - many of them luxury - in front of the pack. The atmosphere is cozy and the service and individuality. In addition, the family will probably get more visibility in the local culture - not to mention the food - a small hotel than is possible in a large international resort.

Children benefit most. Many cultures embrace the children. Much of the experience in countries like Argentina and Turkey is the interaction with the local population. Explore other cultures offers children a unique formation that expands your horizons and helps them learn about life.

Things to consider

• Some smaller hotels can not provide service round the clock or traditional services in the room, such as mini bar, TV and video games, but is expected to be more spontaneous, warm your baby's bottle with a smile or offer your child a dish that is not in the menu.

• Meals for children may mean that children are not allowed in the dining room. In addition to providing respite for parents, children's meals, usually only offer food they like and gives them the opportunity to make new friends.

• No children's clubs. Relax. Although it may take a day or two and some encouragement from parents, children will discover how easy it is to make friends and create fun, on their own.

• If the environment is relaxed, the children will be relaxed as well.

• In a small hotel, it is very likely to feel comfortable allowing their children to explore on their own.

Rules of thumb

• Check the hotel website. To find out if you belong to a local or international association. It is recommended by your travel agent or tour operator in the foreground? Have you evaluated?

• If the site does not mention children, can not be welcome. A phone call or email will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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