Sunday, March 20, 2011

Attractive Spicy Cuisine Of Indonesia

Ethan Ong

There's nothing like going to some traditional Indonesian food. Once you've filled out your week with local food and fast enough, or if you have a month to eat and European fairs in the world among the many restaurants located throughout the island, it is time to visit the One of Indonesian traditional food authentic restaurants in Singapore. I think the word I would use to describe the food would be "taste".

It 's just exploding, and the explosion of salty flavor that I feel every time you bite into a well-prepared meal in Indonesia. I just can not say no to a meal well prepared "rendang", there's nothing like a coconut sauce heavy and almost melts in your mouth pieces of meat that has accompanied a perfect complement to a bowl of fragrant rice accompanies it. The meat is tender and the dose has always been known for being very generous. Are no slouch when it comes to their chicken, or roasted or grilled, they released their forms taste a variety of spices and peppers, which is doing an excellent dining experience. The meat just melts in bone, and spices and chilli, which they use are simply wonderful, every bite tastes of the outbreak. Then how can we forget the "telur Tahu, one of the signature dishes of traditional cuisine of Indonesia.

A skyscraper with deep fired tofu with egg batter, decorated with vegetables and spices and served with sweet sauce. There is also "Garang Asam, which is a seafood soup traditionally made with a collection of spices such as lemongrass, chills and spices like ginger and a variety of selected spices. See "Land Bebek Bumbu and Babi in essence, the Indonesian version of the popular" satay "is everywhere in Paris. I do not think there is enough room in this article for me to list all the great food of Indonesia, you can try everything on a single day.

From appetizers, entrees and even desserts like "Kue Pepe" and "Lapis Surabaya, there are so many options you choose. And the best thing is that in all the restaurants I visited Indonesia, the service was impeccable, the staff friendly and friendly and have had bad experiences what so ever. If you are looking for a good Indonesian restaurant for lunch or dinner, and want to experience a crash course in the culture of Indonesia and some of their food taste great, I recommend going to places City and areas like Clarke Quay and the River Walk - you will find many traditional restaurants in Indonesia, where you can start enjoying almost immediately specialties.

Price range from $ 20 per person and can go much higher, but not always get value for money. Their rich spices, rich, and a variety of food, it is never "satisfied", while eating a traditional Indonesian food.

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