Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 Ways To Make Money With Travel Writer

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and earn money for writing about what you see? It's not as hard as you can imagine. Take a few underground techniques, you can make a healthy income in no time to write about travel in the world!

Here's how you can earn money as a travel writer:

1) The traditional method of selling stories to magazines and newspapers travel

This is the most common and best known. Ironically, you also pay the minimum of all methods.

You can take two routes in selling your item for a magazine. First, you can read a magazine about his interest in a particular subject. If you are interested, they will agree to purchase the item if it meets their standards. The second method is to write the article, then try to sell it.

You can find magazines that buy travel stories, go to the library and check out the latest Writers of the market and has over ten magazines that cost a few hundred dollars is a few thousand dollars an article.

The risky side of this is that there is no guarantee of payment, and you should have a great story or be a great writer to do this job. Not impossible, just difficult.

2) Writing a blog the other

If you can write 400-1500 word post on any topic, you can sell by mail, please visit the blog to set the price. Heres why: Blog of a constant need for new content. In this way remains fresh and his readers are as well positioned in search engines.

However, writing a new post every day is hard work! If you support this task for a blog owner, you must be saving them a ton of time and effort to provide value to their readers and make a profit in a project that is relatively easy to fill.

You can pay in any part of the $ 20 a few hundred dollars to write this ... and is much easier to make a literary magazine.

Think about it: You spend a day writing 5 articles and selling goods for $ 30 million each. Now that you've made $ 150 million for a few hours and everyone is happy.

3) Write a blog

Another option is to write your own blog and use the trip reports for the traffic to it. You'd be surprised at the number of deaf people with no life that wants to live vicariously through someone to travel around the world. Then, you can earn money by selling adspace on your blog or sell products related to your blog. This sounds basic, but many did - Dozens of passengers, and even 100 thousand dollars a year.

4) conclusion of the writing project "Project Sites

There are literally hundreds of writing projects posted every day on Elance, Guru, DoMyStuff, and other "project" listing sites.

All you have to do is create a free account as a content provider, you ask the people respond in writing projects. When ready, the funds are electronically deposited into your account and you can withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. You can then take another project ... or the total number of projects all at once!

Many of the projects to go for $ 1000 + dollars, so it does not take a lot of them can not travel well and travel often. You can also work around the plane to the next item!

If you have any writing skills at all, you can choose one of these methods and become a paying passenger.

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