Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tourism Unique in Indonesia,Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi Tourism

Tana (Toraja land) Toraja, is known in the northern region for its unique culture and traditions are very old. Rantepao, 328 km from Ujung Pandang by road from the tourist center. There are many small hotels are in Bengali and Rantepao and Makale, the capital of the province. A boat in a traditional architecture such as the entrance gates of Tana Toraja. Kandor Gandang Road, which according to Toraja mythology, climbed the first ancestors of celestial beings from the sky through the mountains. to follow, most people ancestor still Aluk "Todoli with all the traditional ceremony called Puja. From Rantepao, Kitty, a village, can go where traditional handicraft and unique shops. Is there a place on the hill behind the village cemetery. statues guarding ancient coffins. And the roads are not always paved, you need a jeep or walk if the weather is good between May and October ().

Two easy access to heavy riffs and Lemo and Londa. Londa is one of the oldest hanging graves of nobility. It is full of puppets and a large terrace from the dead. And the young village contract with kerosene lamps can prove, skeletons and old coffins in the caves to enter the view. Lemo many caves in the stone chamber grave and dolls a new look out on the balconies are cut during his time as the family dug graves.

Rantepeo 700 meters above sea level and offers a great atmosphere. Entry point Taroja Tana as a boat is the traditional door. Tana Toraja and the rock tombs and villages, Lemo and Londa. And the grave of a rich local sites for implementation is the oldest Londa. Taroja shoppers have a number of excellent craft.

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