Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Good Belize Hotel as a Base For a Belize Adventure Vacation

Belize has such contrasts from the beaches to the jungle to the Mayan ruins, from the rivers to the Cayes, needs a good base to see it all, so check out the Black Orchid Resort..

Any Tour Package to Belize must include all the sights. It seems a shame to hide away on a Caye, even if diving is your passion. Equally silly to spend your entire time in the jungle viewing ancient Mayan Ruins, or just sitting on a beach in the Caribbean sunshine, when there is so much to see and do. The problem is where do you base yourself so you can be sure your tour package to Belize gives you the adventure you want, and the relaxation and down time your body needs as well.

Such a place is the Black Orchid Resort on the banks of the Belize Old River on the outskirts of Burrell Boom Village, is just twenty minutes from the international airport so its easy to reach and easy to leave from.

There are three different types of people here, with the first being people who have spent a week or more on their Belize adventure vacation who now need some R & R. The Black Orchid Resort is a great place for that, because you can just lie in a hammock sipping a cool tropical drink and then taking a quick dip into the pool for body refreshment. All they really want to do is chill out and relax, and if they feel up to it they go down to the river and canoe, kayak or just paddle boat, or even take a power boat trip up the river.

The second group have just arrived off a long haul flight, and are recovering before starting an arduous round of all that Belize has to offer, with packing and unpacking, a different hotel or inn every two or three nights to return exhausted to await their flight out.

You are the third group who know exactly what they want to see and do and the wonderfully helpful staff at the Black Orchid Resort will ensure it happens. You see the rest of belize can easily be reached from the Black Orchid Resort. As a consequence of this they arrange a whole host of Belize adventure vacation tours, and give you the best of all worlds with a great tour package to Belize. So if you want to go diving, snorkelling, fishing, sailing, then you can. If you want to go hiking or visiting some of the offshore Cayes, then just ask. The ancient Mayan Ruins and their archaeology can be explained and explored on a private tour if that is what you want.

Wonderfully there is the Black Orchid Resort to return to with its very comfortable accommodation, a great three meals every day, and the pool to wash away the dust and the tiredness.

When it is time to go, you will be very sorry to leave such a hotel, that has such willing staff, that organizes wonderful trips, and probably you are one of the few guests who is in on the secret, that there is no need to leave the Black Orchid Resort to have your Belize Adventure vacation, because you can organize it from here.

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