Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun Adventure Action and Skills- Cars Games and Balloon Games for the Entire Family

This is one of those afternoons when you don’t feel like doing anything- just staying in with your kids and have family fun. But you need to keep the little ones truly entertained otherwise your day is going to be difficult. Therefore, two very good suggestions would be to play car games and Balloon games. Even if these games are not multiplayer type of games, they can certainly be played in rounds, then sum up the points and check who won. The winner gets to select the next game from the list. You can also put a few “awards”, like sweets and candies for instance- and here is your perfect stay-in family day: playing and having fun.

The car games are perfect for measuring skills and speed, and they are all the perfect type of game for father and son. Just have fun with your little one, but be careful he might outsmart you in driving skills. If you are a good driver in real life that does not necessarily imply that you are the best “online driver” too. You can be surprised how many tips and tricks you are going to learn from your little one, who is much better acquainted with the online gaming world than you. Here are a few top suggestions:

• FFX Racing- this is a cute 3d game in shockwave. In order for you to win, you must be smarter and faster than all your opponents. Let’s see whether you can face competition well! Rated 5 stars out of 5.

• Hot Wheels Race Car – you need to drive vigilantly but quite fast, avoid all the obstacles arising in your way, and arrive at the finish line in one piece! Challenging and very entertaining little game, which will have your adrenaline pumped up as well!

• Driving School- you need to successfully complete all the tasks in order to be called a good and reliable driver. Some tasks are easy, but as you progress from task to task, your job will get harder.

When you are done playing the challenging cars games, it is time to try something lighter and funnier: the Balloon games! These are generally shooting games filled with color, wonderful graphics and very nice sounds. Some suggestions from the top 10 list:

• Balloon park- you have a time frame within which you must complete all levels. It might be difficult at start, but don’t give up that easily!

• Bloons- a favorite for quite many online players, Bloons is a funny and entertaining game that will keep you glued to your chair for quite some time.

• Balloon Duel- you will have to pop your opponent’s balloon in this little game. The more you can pop, the better your chances of winning the game!

• Karmaball- mystic, adventurous and challenging. These are the three words that best describe Karmaball, where you need to blow up bubbles to increase your karma and to have a better overall energy for life! Start your adventure following the simple instructions.

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