Thursday, October 28, 2010

Curug 7 (seven)

Seven Curug

Curug Seven this tour has 7 (seven) waterfall (Curug) found on a hill at the foot of Mount Sawal. We can enjoy the beauty and the beauty of the waterfall is the seventh in a way round the hills, treading the path starting from the foot of the hill to the top of the hill and back again.

Located in the Village Sandingtaman Panjalu District, approximately 35 kilometers north of the city Ciamis.

To reach this tourism object can use two-wheel and four wheels or mountaint bike for sport bikes that have a hobby. For those of you who need public transportation, you can ride from Terminal Ciamis Kawali Panjalu majors, or directly from Bandung via Panjalu Ciamis majors.

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