Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Islands in Indonesia you Should Visit and Tour Places

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, including the thousand islands. A collection of various sites of interest by the government. To a large extent the development of tourism in Indonesia was luxury hotels and hotel packages, excellent, and covers a wide range of destinations.

Choice of a place to visit, many unique attractions, including major areas of interest. Indonesia is a great place where a tourist is in front of the unlimited possibilities for combining work more.

The most luxurious five-garden tour is the best place in Indonesia


The main island of Java in Indonesia, in terms of population and development. It is also the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Some special things in Java are watching:

Borobodur Temple, Mahayana Buddhist monument in the ancient world. This is a classic Buddhist art Buddha statue is at least 504 paintings and 2672 discharge.

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, 47 meters, the creation of Hindu-processing, the same as in India Hindu temple near the city.

Embrace the western end of Java volcanic Krakatoa, Krakatau the child. "


Grand Iceland and West Sumatra, Indonesia. The many different environments with a valuable wildlife site, tried the hard life of heritage and modern family to be different. Sumatra is the old culture and tradition. This is a common life and fisheries, see the new SUV on, as old and modern boats.

Bali, classical world and the international travel needs, please refer to the first in a famous tourist destinations. High Quality Resort Bali, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran area of the island is famous for.

Not only as people, "Bali" If they want to. Beach Resort and all the fans, while the number of visitors coming back regularly. Bali, a fantastic holiday lifestyle, beauty, corresponds to a combination of individual reputation. All "They are" personal Bali. This is one of the tourists in the region of natural beauty of the few places in the world, many local people have concerns about the maintenance.


Kalimantan, pre-colonial population and the wooded area for violent and largest of the island of North Borneo Dayak known. It does not really believe in a magical place. "They are in their natural habitat, and river cruises on the river to see orang-utans to go through the world's largest longhouse trip around to see the real forest Doragondayaku traditional and popular.


Is a large peninsula in East Kalimantan, Sulawesi, four big ones. Sulawesi, gap between North and South Sulawesi. The island is famous for diving. Sulawesi and "Measurement of the marine environment, including the beautiful beaches. Interior and an active volcano, Mt Linow large lake. Soputan.

Indonesian holiday spirit that all the sights, exotic places that really combines the best elements of the good.

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