Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tourism in Indonesia - national tragedy

Government at all levels in good condition, the authorities in Indonesia every year, good progress, show support tourism. On the other hand, tourism in Indonesia and the vague reference, as all data needed to this for 10 years.

In 2007, the last 12 years, visitors to tourist numbers 5-4000000. Finally, 8.5 in 2008, the average stay of 10 days in 1997. Worst of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, 10000000 ~ 15 million and 22 million people every public gathered, compared to neighbors.

What should I do is such a big gap? How you do this, and many Indonesian and natural beauty, or the number of visitors attracted only a quarter of the cultural wealth in Malaysia, mostly dry?

The beginning of 1980 tragedy, Indonesia, lack of money, to Bali as the world-famous tourist cash cow is. However, little has changed. The result has Bali in Indonesia is limited to a genuine tourist attraction to serious consequences. Diversion for tourists in Bali to establish the needs of the infrastructure to an explosion in a natural environment revealed that the erosion.

Often, the concentration of tourists in Bali island - it is tourists controlled, but exceed the natural environment and unique culture of the community can not - all parts of the archipelago and many other types of errors can not understand even gross negligence in the tourist Destinations occurred.

For example, Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Tiger, center, Kerunujunpandan a wonderful place to go almost unnoticed. A happy soul, destructive erosion and Bali, culture, harvest and so the tourists from the crowded tourist areas are seen, other rich diversity of the environment as stable as Indonesia is to see?

Other sites are bad real stability? There are some shocking statistics:

Borobudur, the symbol of the cultural heritage of the world, 85,000 foreign tourists, a million years before Angkor Wat was recently compared, Egypt, the search around the Cambodia trip can be mobilized.

Tiger won every year in recent years, an average of nearly 5,000 foreign tourists.

To find the average length of foreign tourists in the year and to 10,000 Bunaken, Pattaya in Thailand than 4 million people to change.

You have not rare rhinoceros horn Ujunkuron, 60, only in combination of national and international tourists every year an average claims.

This rapid recovery needs a complete rethink is needed. First class of the day, as well as central and local authorities and national government tourist President Sushirobanbanyudoyono priority and work in the process with the private sector to go hand in hand is declared. This is an early stage, winning Instant tourist activities have been updated with the weak, it is necessary to fulfill a step back to a slight improvement.

Borobudur, for example, in the full glory back to the barn structure, the harassment of visitors to this beautiful temple complete pleasure / Monastery can cause compromised. Even if the traffic of the airport within 45 minutes of Makassar, enhance the visitor to can avoid the dangerous journey of 10 hours to get to a high mountain, attracts many tourists can do without anymore.

Ujunkuron more than one million people very quickly, can surf safely regular increase in the number of tourists, as the available from Jakarta. With pressure to reduce congestion in Bali lack of interest in Bergen Yogyakarta, Komodo and Iceland touched a little bromine suffering is necessary to enable a major tourist attraction now there are other wonderful places.

Other attractions at the national level for a long period of rapid accumulation of declining investment in infrastructure are set to complete the map need to continue to travel. These pages are still relatively unknown, so that the force of nature a very special charm, which carries in the tourism sector in Indonesia to ensure long term sustainable economic growth.

This unprecedented national tests Baliem Wadi Waikabubak Trowulan Kota Gede, historical interest, including the location and Rajaanpatto Bandaneira are great for surfing. To broader and more diverse than many other attractions such groups are offered.

Both easy to move in a long-term recovery efforts, visit the national brand and promotional campaigns should be supported by adequate won addressed. Malaysia is "Truly Asia" India "Incredible" in Singapore, while insisting that in Thailand, describes each "unique Singapore Lee" and "Amejingutairando. 'S brand value, the attendees at the head of the heart of the village will be provided Visitors enjoy the filters are right for each country can offer.

Increases for tourists to show appreciation for local food, local population to bring our proud heritage and many tourists this way of thinking, which in turn fosters, she had. To promote the upward spiral in the hands of locals and tourists on the cultural heritage and traditional country is considered.

The success of tourism is very valuable programs in Indonesia, including the various destination in the world, have many advantages, a source of sustainable development, a return to a clean environment and the islands (and no current problems, only people together in Bali to prosperity away) means life and personal development through grass roots.

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